Bethany Elise (dansgrlx13) wrote in benditlikebecks,
Bethany Elise


I'm new here but I've loved this movie for years.
I won't tell you my story, because honestly, I don't remember how I fell in love.
I think I just saw the trailer on TV and said I wanted to see it.
Then I had my mom buy it for Christmas and I watched it over and over again for weeks.
I even started training like the girls do because I wanted to play soccer the next year.
Well that didn't happen, but I still love the film.
It's absolutely amazing.
I just watched it last night and I thought I could make some icons.
But I can't find any really good images.
So I was wondering if anyone had made some caps that I could use.
Or if anyone would be willing to make some.
I can't because I don't have the DVD, Mom bought a VHS instead.
I would certainly credit you for your hard work.
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