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bend it like beckham fans [entries|friends|calendar]
the bend it like beckham lj fan community

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Hi! [23 Dec 2008|12:32pm]

I'm new here but I've loved this movie for years.
I won't tell you my story, because honestly, I don't remember how I fell in love.
I think I just saw the trailer on TV and said I wanted to see it.
Then I had my mom buy it for Christmas and I watched it over and over again for weeks.
I even started training like the girls do because I wanted to play soccer the next year.
Well that didn't happen, but I still love the film.
It's absolutely amazing.
I just watched it last night and I thought I could make some icons.
But I can't find any really good images.
So I was wondering if anyone had made some caps that I could use.
Or if anyone would be willing to make some.
I can't because I don't have the DVD, Mom bought a VHS instead.
I would certainly credit you for your hard work.
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[09 Dec 2008|12:18am]

I just watched Bend it like Beckham last night and it must have been a year or more since I last saw it. I love this movie so much and can't believe I let that much time go in between from watching it.

And the line about Sporty Spice not getting a fellow is always the funniest thing in the world. I love the mother in this movie.
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bend it [28 Sep 2008|05:36pm]

01-06 Bipasha Basu
07-013 Nandita Das
014-019 Kidnap
020-025 Jaane Tu Ya Na Jaane
26-40 Bend It Like Beckham
41-52 One Tee Hill
1 Imran Khan Sig
1 Aishwarya Rani Sig

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Kidnap Me Oh Imran....Do It! )
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[20 Apr 2006|03:57pm]

Does anybody have the song Dream the Dream by Shaznay Lewis from the film? I can't find it anywhere!
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Join the newly Re-OPENED Beckham Fans [24 Jul 2005|05:06pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[22 Jul 2005|06:35am]

I play Keira in a celeb rpg and she is currently looking for her co-stars. The community is very nice, active, and has a lot of members. Come and check it out.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[30 Jun 2005|07:14pm]

Hi everyone I'm Tiffany, 17 and I love Bend it Like Beckham, ever since I saw it in the theaters! Seems like a great community I hope to get to know some of you! :)
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[11 May 2005|03:01pm]

Hey! I'm a newly discovered BILB fan. In the past 2 days I've watched the movie 3 and a half times. LOL I have fallen in love with the movie, and JRM. *mmm*

I have two pictures, surely to make you laugh.

Things that make you go HMMM...Collapse )

Does anyone know where I could find the song that is played while Jess is celebrating with her family, and they cut back and forth between The Wedding and Joe training Jules? I love the song...but I can't find it ANYWHERE.

Also, If you are a big Jonathan Rhys Meyers fan, check out jonathan_daily, :D :D

Thanks ♥
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32 Bend It Icons [06 May 2005|06:24pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

(For the rest and some of other random fandoms)

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Fan Fiction Archive [14 Apr 2005|10:46pm]

Hi everyone -

Does anyone know what happened to the fanfiction archive - Number Seven :: A Bend It Like Beckham Fanfiction Archive at
http://www.naughtymist.com/bendit/categories.php?catid=1&parentcatid=1 ? Did it move to a new location? Thanks.
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[10 Apr 2005|03:10pm]

so like a month ago i saw a preview for this new movie that the writer or director or whatever(haha) of bend it like beckham came out with which is suppose to be in theaters. what is it called? anyone see it yet?
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a question.... [07 Apr 2005|01:23am]

who is that guy that Jesse's family has a poster of in their front room?
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I love the music... [06 Apr 2005|03:12pm]

[ mood | content ]

Does anyone know where to find the lyrics for the ending theme "HOT HOT HOT"?

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BILB Video Clips [04 Apr 2005|06:21pm]

Does anyone know where I can find a video clip of the final scene of BILB? I'm trying to put together a video for my friend, and it would be much appreciated.

Thank you!
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david beckham is the hottest footie player to ever walk the planet [28 Mar 2005|03:14am]

[ mood | drained ]

if you're looking for more pictures of him...

...click the pic to check us out, and join if you'd like.
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when she says MULTI-fandom, she DOES mean MULTI-fandom... [17 Mar 2005|09:26pm]

[ mood | silly ]

WARNING!! [x-posted EVERYWHERE. for REAL.]

first post in this community! huge batch of multi-fandom icons, at least for my standards.

_19 lost (boone, claire, jack, kate)
_7 bend it like beckham (& parminder nagra)
_5 dirty dancing: havana nights (& diego luna)
_7 girl next door (& elisha cuthbert)
_6 king arthur
_6 the prince & me

credits/resources here.


_don't direct link
_check out ickyblue

23_ 24_
( MULTI-fandom gets a whole new meaning... )
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BilB - "#7 fanfiction archive" [06 Mar 2005|05:16pm]

Does anyone know what happened to the "Number Seven: BilB fanfiction archive"?
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Newbie! [21 Feb 2005|10:45pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hey all,

Nice to meet you all! I absolutely love this movie, Bend it like Beckham and many movies based in England. :-)

Can people send me in the directions of fan fictions of Jess/Joe/Jules on the web? I do not know where to look. I searched for them and yet I have no idea where they are. Thanks!

My name is Yoko Tamanoi, and I just graduated from Oberlin. I am planning on becoming a teacher... hopefully in england to teach ESL students.

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Hello. [21 Feb 2005|10:37pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Yay! I'm new to the community, and just thought I'd say "hi," and my reasons for joining.

So, hi. Lol!

Anyways. I *love* 'Bend It Like Beckham!' It has to be one of the best moo-vies in existance, and the best part is that I can watch it like, 5 times in a rwo and not be bored! You can't say that for a lot of movies. ^_^

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New here! [19 Feb 2005|11:06am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi everyone....its so nice to know that there is an LJ community for this film and that so many ppl are addicted to it as i am...or rather used to...i got another addiction now so i can stay without watchin BilB for a while but there was a time when i really couldnt!

well maybe id better tell you in brief my story about BilB!lol...sounds like the BILB Anonymous now!

Anyway,...im Italian but ever since the 2002 world cup i began supportin the Irish soccer team (i love Ireland)and since most of those guys play in Premiere League teams i began followin that too on tv and completely got hooked to the game in a way that i cant with italian soccer (that sucks big time)...then i heard about this film, Bend it like Beckham about soccer, girls playin soccer and an Irish coach (who i already knew from another of my favourite films, Michael Collins) so i told myself, ok you must watch this one!At the same time i also met at uni a very good friend and after hangin around together a couple of times i told her of this film (its not that famous over here anyway)and she told me she heard of it too and wanted to watch it too so we planned everythin and on a winter afternoon we went to see it at the cinema....we were in love with that after the first minute i think...and Joe....well...we completely fell in love with that guy...he is just the perfect guy!how not to love him?!and Jess is simply lovely....well...from that day considering some things me and Jess have in common, my friend began callin me Jess (in her mobile im registered as Jess!i swear)...anyway, i went to see it in theatre another time too and then i began buggin the video store about when that would have been released on tape...at last the day came...i was in front of the shop like half an hour before it opened and as soon as the door was opened i just flew downstairs picked up the very first copy of it to be picked up and rashed to pay it!lol!i spent the first two weeks watchin it EVERY DAY!that was how addicted i was!!!and my friend did more or less the same...now its slowly goin away but still i love that film soo much!!me and my friend still quote sometimes from it "NO MORE FOOTBALL!!" or.. our very favourite one ever since we saw that scene "JOE-MALE-JOE" .... in the meanwhile i got addicted other friends actually....some are on LJ too so i will see if i can drag em in this community too...this film really is a masterpiece!!!

and now after all this boring ranting...something for you all...i found them all over the net and i hope its ok to post them...

Follow the cut...maybe not too dial up friendly ...sorry!Collapse )

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